Rendil Halfmoon

A young halfling from a merchant house


Race: Halfling

Class: none

Occupation: Bartender, Merchant

Alignment: Good

Location: Halfmoon Inn, Seven-Pillared Hall, Saruun Khel

Rendil Halfmoon is a close relative to the Halfmoon family. He is one of the younger members of the house, and runs the inn in Seven-Pillared Hall. The Inn is one of the few bright spots in the Hall, and Rendil likes it that way.

Eternally optimistic, cheery, and strong-minded, Rendil likes his life and doesn’t like others messing with it. He makes friends quickly and is honorable, but can’t stand anyone insulting his family.

Rendil is short and wiry, like most halflings. He has light skin, hazel eyes, and thick brown hair. His cheeks are thin, and his nose is slightly pointed.

Rendil Halfmoon

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