Conspiracy Theories


The PCs began this session in the Seven-Pillared Hall, trying to find out more about the so-called Court of Bones and Clan Grimmerzhul. Adric asked Rendil, the bartender. Rendil explained that the Grimmerzhul were a clan of duergar traders with a post in the hall. Rumor is that they have a base deeper in the labyrinth. Rendil then directed Adric to Gendar for any information about the Court of Bones, which was a mystery to him as well. The adventurers headed to Gendar’s and after ferocious bargaining, they purchased some magic items and information about the duergar. Gendar asked them to retrieve a scepter in the Court of Bones and provided a map, and told them of the Horned Hold, Clan Grimmerzhul’s fort in the labyrinth.

The adventurers then visited the trading post. After trying and failing to convince the duergar that they were slavers, fighting erupted. The adventurers won and forced the head of the post to sign a contract “selling” Erethal to the Grimmerzhul.

Then they left the Hall in search of the Court of Bones. A dwarf and a deva by the nicknames of “Porkchop” and “Blueberry” approached and demanded that they hand over Adric, offering 60gp. They refused, fighting ensued, and the PCs won. They reached the Court of Bones and found a group of undead. After defeating the undead yet again, the PCs discovered some treasure, Gendar’s scepter, and an account book from the Arannis family- Erethal’s parents.

The book contained much unknown information about Erethal’s family. They were a wealthy merchant family serving House Thalanor, one of the major eladrin houses in the Summer Court. They worshipped Lathander and during the summer acted as leaders of their village, Amberlake. The Arannis family appeared to own much of the land in the village, but it was all in Amberlake, which was destroyed in a drow raid. There were two things left, however. A elven noble by the name of Prince Kelith Valendare, Warden of Sildamere, owed the family 250 gp, and a wealthy human noble in Fallcrest named Armos Kamroth owned a small estate near Fallcrest used to pay off a family debt until the full amount was paid. The remaining debt is only 180 gp.

The final and most interesting page of the book contained a letter, not adressed to or signed by anyone. It read:

Greetings to whomever finds this book. I have taken notice of you and your deeds. They have quite a bit of potential. You and your companion’s destiny is a great one. For good or ill, you have the potential shape the world in significant ways.

However, there are some who would not agree with the way you choose to shape it. They would not see your destiny unfold, and would seek to meddle with fate. This is the reason I have seeked you out. Fate must not be a malleable thing, or those who could mold it would be able to control the world. Fate, rather, must rest above the squabbles of the world. Your path must be guided and shielded against those who would see the world’s order destroyed.

I have given to you this amulet of passage. It will guide you along your path. As for me, do not seek me out. When the time has come, I will meet you, but until then, follow the destiny intended for you. One day, it will lead you to me.

Attached to this page was the Amulet of Passage.

The Bloodreavers

While traveling through the labyrinth, the players encountered a specter which attacked them. When they defeated it, they found a key and a journal referring to the “Court of Bones”. They continued and reached the Horned Hold, the Bloodreavers’ headquarters. After some hacking and slashing and a goblin who just wouldn’t die, they found the leader. With him were two grey dwarves. They defeated him and found a contract that said all the slaves had been sold to “House Grimmerzhul”, signed by a mysterious “Murkelmor”. They returned to the labyrinth and Adric shamelessly cheated a group of drunkards in a game of cards, winning a big heap of money.

Entering the Labyrinth

The players were sent to Thunderspire Mountain to deliver a package to Gendar Malyn, a drow merchant. Beneath the mountain is a ruined minotaur city. Before they reached the city, they found a halfling being held captive by hobgoblins. They rescued him and he explained his name was Rendil Halfmoon, and the hobgoblins were part of a group of slavers called the Bloodreavers. Rendil led them to the Seven-Pillared Hall, a outpost in the city. The hall is a large underground area, filled with traders. It is administrated by the Mages of Saruun, who make money by taxing the valuable surface-to-Underdark trade. After delivering the package to Gendar, they set off to find and shut down the goblin slaver operation.


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